Automath New Update Release

Automath New Update Release

Alot has been changed and improved in the new Automath update . First off we added a new feature called ‘Quick Mode’. Quick Mode allows you to scan multiple questions at once. Simply go into ‘Quick Mode’ in the mode menu and its ready to go. Drag the box and crop multiple questions at one time and press answer. In ‘Quick Mode’ you will also receive the answer right away at the top instead of going to the answer page. It is a feature we have been working on for a long while now and we have released it in the new update. It is still in beta phase and we are working on improving the accuracy in this feature in the next update. Here is a fan video of ‘Quick Mode’ in action.

There has also been a few UI changes with a functions being moved around for easier access. A zoom option has been added so there is no need to move your phone closer to a question to focus. Accuracy has been substantially approved in this update as well.

For this update we have localized Automath for the following languages: Turkish, German, Indonesia, Korean, Dutch, Czech, Arabic, Thai, Filipino, Hindi, Polish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Romanian & Italian. There are many more features to come for Automath users and we are working hard to release them in the near future.

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