The Future of Parking your Car

The Future of Parking your Car

So you’re driving around downtown 5 minutes before your important meeting but you simply cannot find a parking spot. Once you finally find park your car blocks away from your meeting, you now have to dig through your car for change or take the risk of not paying and finding a ticket on your windshield when you get back to your car. There must be a solution!

The good news is that cities around the world have adopted mobile parking technology already, but how many people are really taking advantage of this technology? Data collected from a variety of parking companies show that parking apps don’t contribute to more then a few percent of their revenue. This may be due to the fact that the technology is still fairly new but that’s not

The current parking apps on the market allow people to find their way to a nearby parking lot, pay electronically and also add time remotely. So you don’t have to dig around for change or run back to your car to add time, but there is still one problem. These apps cant tell you where there are free parking spaces. That is the golden feature that will make these applications a must have on their mobile device.

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‘Anagog’ is a parking networking company who have a patented technology that is “based on crowd-sourced data collected from mobile devices. Parking spots are identified via monitoring mobile devices’ sensors and the user’s mobility”. Their technology can provide real time parking availability along with many other features. Anagog are providing an developers SDK so other developers can adopt their technology. Some municipalities are deciding on taking a different and more accurate route of installing built in sensors in the ground to detect parking space availability. Cities like Melbourne and Brisbane already have this technology approved and installed around the city. Its no question that other major cities will follow in this venture, so you can expect to have this technology available in the near future in the palm of your hands.